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Learn How To Redirect a Page or URL in WordPress the JazzyWP Way

As a WordPress website owner/manager, it is essential you learn this page redirect skill as it can be quite helpful when setting up or updating your marketing campaigns. Also, knowing how to do these page redirects properly will ensure that your website SEO is in tiptop shape for organic traffic.

As you can imagine with anything WordPress, there are multiple ways to do this page redirect or URL redirect. The manual way is to set up redirect in your .htaccess file. Then there are plugins that allow you to manage redirects, like the Redirection Plugin and SEOPress Pro plugin.

Both these plugins (Redirection & SEOPress) and are pretty good but the one that stands out is Permalink Manager Lite or Permalink Manager Pro plugin.

In this video, I show how page redirects are configured using the Redirection Plugin and also using Permalink Manager Lite.

From a SEO perspective, the SEOPress Pro plugin along with Permalink Manager Pro plugin give you the most robust functionality and this combo is what I would recommend. These two plugins work nicely together as they complement each other’s strengths.



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